Perfect, '10.

Because the first official full workout is hours from now and because lately it’s still light out when I drive home from work and because I’m blessed to have good friends — and despite the apparent fact that even though Nick Swisher has retired, he’s said to be headed for a gig with Fox Sports — I’m in a benevolent mood, and because I’m in a benevolent mood I give you this, with no expectations of a “thank you,” though you can thank reader Kenny Tyler, who sent it to me.

If you have three hours and 15 minutes, watch this.

If you only have a few minutes, forward it to about three hours and two minutes in.

If you only have a few seconds, jump ahead to 03:07.

On that night, Mike Napoli was a Los Angeles Angel, Adrian Beltre wanted to be one, Josh Hamilton wasn’t yet one, and Matt Bush was a first-time pitcher, with the Class A Charlotte Stone Crabs.

Clint Hurdle was the Rangers hitting coach, and three weeks away from being named the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, where he would remove the modifier “interim” from Jeff Banister’s bench coach job title.

On that night, Colby Lewis took the ball, nine months after returning from Japan, and that night was not long after the first-ever Newberg Report mention of another righthander from that part of the world: “According to Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker, the Rangers, Mets, and Rays were among the teams on hand to scout 24-year-old Japanese righthander Yu Darvish yesterday.

My reports and Scott’s are numbered on the website, and it makes me crack a little smile that that one happened to be numbered 2020.

On that night, Rougned Odor was trying to stir up interest after being passed over on July 2, Joey Gallo was a high school junior, and Jurickson Profar was then what Leody Taveras is now.

And I was seated (standing) at 25:11:11, next to my six-year-old, the sports-happiest I’ve ever been.

There will never again be a night like that one around here, because the expectations then were nothing like they are now and because the territory was wholly uncharted.

It’s good that the expectations are different now.

But the intensity of that night, the ambition and the adrenaline and the frenzy of October 22, 2010, can never be fully replicated in Arlington.

It can all be eclipsed.

But that will be different.

Better in the most obvious way, but I think there may be an argument that it won’t necessarily be better in every way.

That’s OK. Got room for both.

A few days ago, I had three hours and 15 minutes to re-experience what happened 2,315 nights ago, with at least half-attention while I was tending to that day’s business, and while it wasn’t nearly the same to look back on that incredible night as it was to live it, the hairs on my arms could hardly register the difference and my adrenaline coursed again and my heartbeat was fooled a bit, too.

At certain moments it seemed like my senses were as acute as they’d been that night.

Even though I know that can’t be true.

Jon Daniels was around then. So was Eric Nadel. And Chuck Morgan, and Jamie Reed.

Hamilton was here, too, and then left, and then came back. Michael Young and Darren Oliver, the same.

Elvis Andrus was here, and never left.

Like me.

Like most of you.

Don’t thank me for passing along that video.

Just get to watching it.



Jamey Newberg

Dallas attorney Jamey Newberg has been commenting on Rangers from the big club down through the entire farm system since 1998.

Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas was born in Arlington, Texas, to Richard and Becky Lucas. He lived mostly in Arlington before moving to Austin, where he graduated from The University of Texas. Scott works for Austin Valuation Consultants, Ltd., and has published several boring articles about real estate appraisal and environmental contamination. He makes a swell margarita and refuses to run longer than ten kilometres.

Eleanor Czajka

Eleanor grew up watching the AAA Mudhens in Toledo, Ohio. A loyal Ranger fan since 1979, she works "behind the scenes" at the Newberg Report.

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