Of meteorites, visions of Surprise, and snark.

Yesterday I put myself through an annoying nationally televised Angels presser for the second time in the last couple months, which I think justified my second snarky Twitter exchange with my good friend Victor Rojas.

(Victor on February 1:  “Hot Stove QOTD: Who will the #Angels miss the most this season? Zack Greinke, Torii Hunter or Kendrys Morales. #AngelTalk”

My response:  “Hamilton?”

Victor last night:  “#AngelTalk Question of the Day: What is your favorite #Angels souvenir/keepsake? It can be memorabilia/autograph/etc - thanks for listening.”

My response:  “Mike Napoli.”)

Actually, now that I think about it, there was a nauseating Angels press conference a year ago, too, so I think it’s probably fair game for a third Rojas response.  Assuming he doesn’t Twitter-block me first.

I’ll leave room for the possibility that my snark levels have been boosted a bit the last few days by this cleanse I’m on, but in truth I think I’m over the hump, feeling pretty good, and if I seem a little cranky, it’s probably less because of vegetable shakes that because of the half hour of irritainment yesterday that Albert Pujols appeared to endure only slightly more willingly than I did.

No quips this morning about slow-moving cruise ships or about supersonic hurtling meteorites giving me the chance to write Chelyabinsk for what’s probably the first time, or about one Angels outfielder’s eye-opening weight loss or another’s interesting weight gain, or about University of Florida righthander Karsten Whitson and the embarrassing writing about his unfortunate situation that hit the Interwebs yesterday.

While I’d like to write a few hundred words down about this Australian kid Todd McDonald the Rangers just gave almost half a million dollars to, I’m going to hang tight on that for a bit, because I have the luxury of not having to write something every day during camp.

The Rangers are right up there in terms of who has the best group of beat reporters in the league, but man, I feel for those guys.  Especially now, when nothing’s happening.  It seems like there’s already been more content filed about Julio Borbon this week than there was in 2012.

Thinking back, these are the things I was probably most looking forward to the last handful of times I went to Surprise:

Fall Instructs, 2009: Jurickson Profar, Luis Sardinas, and Tanner Scheppers, none of whom had played so much as a minor league game yet (my first Profar report included this comment about the 16-year-old: “What I'm about to say is not an exercise in overhyping, and isn't really hype at all.  Don't take this the wrong way.  Jurickson Profar reminds me of Elvis Andrus.”)

Spring Training, 2010: Alexi Ogando, Vladimir Guerrero, and Jorge Alfaro, in the first Rangers camp for each

Fall Instructs, 2010: Supplemental first-rounder Mike Olt, coming off his impressive debut run in the Northwest League

Spring Training, 2011: Adrian Beltre and Mike Napoli

Fall Instructs, 2011: Nomar Mazara and Ronald Guzman (though it turned out to be Jordan Akins and Guzman who stole the show)

Spring Training, 2012: Yu

Fall Instructs, 2012: Lewis Brinson, Joey Gallo, Jairo Beras, and C.J. Edwards

I was thinking this morning about what I’m looking forward to seeing when I get out to Surprise this spring.  Maybe by then, ESPN’s Jim Bowden will have correctly predicted that Kyle Lohse will be a Ranger (or a Brewer, which I think makes more sense for the pitcher and the clubs).  Maybe the back field reports on McDonald will match the salted hype from the Baseball America story.  I’d love to be there for a very un-irritating press conference announcing that Elvis Andrus has agreed to eight more years in Texas.

Right now, I’m pretty sure that what I’ll be most eager to see each morning is Profar and Olt and Leury Garcia in defensive drills.  I want to see Profar around the bag from both sides.  I want to see Olt track fly balls and drill cutoff men in the chest.  I want to see Garcia run and catch and throw from six different positions, and to steal a glance toward the skipper from time to time and at least pretend I caught some sort of reaction.

Pretty boring, maybe.

Not for me.

And that’s still a month away, at least in my own case.

Anyway, I’ll be back around soon with something to say.  Maybe three or four days from now, maybe this afternoon.  Just don’t know.  There’s just not much grabbing me right now in what’s started out to be an unusually quiet camp for this club, and that’s totally cool, because – say it with me – no news is almost always good news in spring training.

Catch you later.  I’m gonna go stalk Rojas’s Twitter feed.


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