Pro's con.

By now you’ve heard The Story, and you’ve seen it questioned, regarding its sincerity on one hand and the wisdom of pulling back the curtains at all on the other.

The narrative encapsulating the first pitch Kyle Farnsworth threw Jurickson Profar, and then the second, has had as much life as just about any Rangers narrative all season, and away it’s been tucked for our kids and grandkids to share with theirs one day.

Has it been debunked?

Or are we all just playing into Jurickson Profar’s hands, just as guilty of being duped as Farnsworth and Jose Molina were?

What if the con is that there was no con?

Maybe it’s true that the story doesn’t fully check out.  Maybe the second pitch wasn’t really the same pitch as the first, maybe Jurickson Profar didn’t manage to set the Rays up at all, maybe he actually was afraid of the situation.


Or maybe Jurickson Profar wanted Farnsworth and Molina and the Rays and the Indians and the UN to believe he thinks he outsmarted a veteran battery on Saturday, when he really didn’t and doesn’t, and now we clearly can’t choose the wine in front of us, and sometimes the debunker gets bunked, and nobody knows where the narrative goes next, save perhaps for Jurickson Profar, Texas Ranger, Potentially Supernatural.



Maybe Jurickson Profar is just toying with us, all of us, and of course none of this happens, at least in this form, if he’d just listened to all those other teams three summers ago and agreed to become a pitcher.


Jamey Newberg

Dallas attorney Jamey Newberg has been commenting on Rangers from the big club down through the entire farm system since 1998.

Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas was born in Arlington, Texas, to Richard and Becky Lucas. He lived mostly in Arlington before moving to Austin, where he graduated from The University of Texas. Scott works for Austin Valuation Consultants, Ltd., and has published several boring articles about real estate appraisal and environmental contamination. He makes a swell margarita and refuses to run longer than ten kilometres.

Eleanor Czajka

Eleanor grew up watching the AAA Mudhens in Toledo, Ohio. A loyal Ranger fan since 1979, she works "behind the scenes" at the Newberg Report.

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